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The Aldrich Family was a popular situation comedy broadcast on NBC from 1939 to 1953. Originally a summer replacement show for The Jack Benny Program, The Aldrich Family became an instant hit after its debut and later maintained a high rating for 13 years. Ezra Stone first starred the central character Henry Aldrich, 16-year old student at Central High School in the town of Centerville. Norman Tokar, Raymond Ives, Bobby Ellis took over the role in the next few years' run, as each one of them went to the army during the war years. Katharine Raht played Henry's mother Alice, and House Jameson as Henry's father Sam Aldrich. Henry's sister Mary was portrayed by at least a dozen actresses over the years; one of them Betty Field. Jackie Kelk played Henry's best buddy Homer Brown. The show was created and written by Clifford Goldsmith, the highest-paid playwright in the radio. The Aldrich Family show also became a prototype for the teen-oriented situation comedies that followed on radio and television.

Each show of The Aldrich Family opens with Henry's mother calling, "Hen-reeeeeeeeeee! Henry Aldrich!" Henry would answer promptely, "Coming, Mother!" The teen Henry and his pals would inevitably get themselves in trouble for some crazy, mischievous adventures.

There are 61 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Henry's Engagement October 13, 1939
Girl Trouble October 17, 1939
Henry Wants to Raise Pigeons February 20, 1940
Henry Starts to Raise Carrier Pigeons February 27, 1940
Halloween October 31, 1940
Pen Pal January 26, 1941
Letter October 23, 1941
Girlfriend January 22, 1942
Henry's Secret Admirer January 29, 1942
Valentine's Day Party February 11, 1943
Legal Trouble March 11, 1943
War Bonds April 1, 1943
Baby Sitting or Movies May 11, 1944
Movie Star January 27, 1944
Close That Door April 13, 1944
Henry Sends Candy to Two Girls January 12, 1945
Henry Wants a School Ring December 11, 1947
Birthday Pipe March 13, 1947
Henry Paints the Garage June 24, 1948
Lead Role October 28, 1948
Rotating Parties September 16, 1948
Grab Bag November 18, 1948
Wedding Day Date with Helen Forb May 13, 1948
Herbert's Broken Toy November 11, 1948
Baby Sitting October 21, 1948

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